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Here, you can invest in everything you need to
efficiently launch, grow, and thrive with an online
private photo editing business with
proven systems that work.

The Photo Editor's Guide®: The Ultimate Business-in-a-Box Online Course & Community

This "business-in-a-box" online course and community is the foundation you need to kickstart your photo editing career and find your #wfh freedom.

The Photo Editor’s Guide's signature course teaches you everything you need to know to become an in-demand photo editor quickly, with an expert to guide you, a wealth of done-for-you resources, tools & templates to equip you — plus, lifetime access to a private community to lean on as you grow.

  • Includes 30+ Video Lessons that cover everything from A-Z with learning, building, and launching your career into private photo editing
  • Done-for-You Email Scripts and Contract Template
  • Customizable Pricing and Instructional Client Guide Templates
  • Income Spreadsheet Tool
  • Client Management Systems Checklist, Brand Strategy and Marketing Checklist
  • Testimonial Request Script & System
  • Marketing Cheat Sheet for Finding and Attracting Leads

    ...and so much more!

Take the guesswork out of finding and booking clients with a proven roadmap! Building a brand from scratch without experience or personal portfolio. Feel confident with the knowledge and practice you'll gain on providing a bespoke editing experience for any client, all while editing with speed and consistency!

Ashley Dahlke

"Katie gives you everything you need to succeed as a photo editor and then some! Katie and other editors always respond to my questions or comments quickly and I love that I feel like I am part of a community of amazing and talented photo editors. Today I have 20 clients and I have been able to replace my income from my full time job. I am truly grateful for Katie and the Photo Editor's Guide!"

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Reviewer name

"The Photo Editor’s Guide was the best investment I have ever made! Katie walks you through absolutely everything you need to run a successful photo editing business. I do have some experience in this as I am a professional photographer myself, but I could not have done this efficiently without Katie’s help."

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Virtual Mentor Zoom Session with Katie


Now offering one hour mentor sessions over Zoom! We can discuss anything and everything related to business and editing as it relates to being a Private Photo Editor for wedding and portrait photographers! 

What you'll get:

  • One hour Zoom session with Katie
  • A private Coaching Session Dashboard inside our course platform to take and store notes
  • Self-book your Zoom session with access to our booking Calendar inside your Coaching Dashboard
  • Watch and access a recording of our Zoom meeting in your Coaching Session Dashboard for up to 12 weeks
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How It Started

Hey! I’m Katie Rivera, a passion driven photo editor and educator, and I’m proud to be a gateway in the wedding and potrait photography industry for private photo editing.

I started my own entrepreneurial journey as a wedding photographer. After several years of working back-to-back weekends and being dependent on someone else’s schedule, I knew something needed to change (burnt out and exhausted, party of one!). I also knew how valuable my editing skills were in the industry, and decided to try my hand as a private photo editor for other photographers. At the time, no courses on the topic existed, so I just started, struggled, and learned a lot along the way. 

Today, I've deliverd over 1,000 weddings to my editing clients with a more flexible and easy-going schedule! But I’m not a one-in-a-million editing unicorn. You can absolutely do the same, and I’m handing over the exact blueprint I wish I’d had so you can do it better, faster.